Yesterday the ZA group got Akil'zon to 25% on the first try.
Grtz eveyone and take him down on the next run

Pls look at the Rapid Raid section to see what raids are up this week and sign up.
Thx to the people that already signd up.

Applying to this guild
These steps are needed before you apply to this guild

1 Read our rules so you can see if this guild is for you.
2 make a account on guildlaunch
3 Apply to this guild using the apply form and fill in the information we need

Karazhan and Zul'Aman groups.
Where giong to try something else this week.
This means the next thing, there will be a kara and Za group.

Karazhan group
The Kara group will exist of members that are Kara (Pve) ready.
This is means in sort that you will need alot blue or have almost no green gear.
What the best is for your class and type can be found on wowwiki.
Some well geared people will join this group to speed up the progress.
This also means that the Kara group will go raid earlier then where used to.

Zul'Aman group
This group will be mostly members that don't need kara anymore or just need 1 or 2 items.
The raid will start after the kara group.

All the members need to have the next addons
ask for help if you have trouble installing them.
Take a look here to get the latest version - WowAce

A working TS (speaking is not that important hearing that muts more)

Letts do our best to get Kara and ZA on frame status.
All have fun and good huntings